About Weg-Wijs – best advice for student opportunities abroad

Weg-Wijs is an independent organization based in The Hague, The Netherlands, specialized in advising and counseling young students and their parents to find the best opportunities in education abroad.

The Dutch word Weg-Wijs literally means “road-wise” and is a Dutch expression “to show one’s way around a foreign place”.

Weg-Wijs was established at the beginning of 2005 and is run by Angela Vreedenburgh.

paars Personal advice

Angela Vreedenburgh is responsible for the educational advising activities.
She has been involved in educational matters internationally and related to the Netherlands for many years. She has a broad experience in coaching young students and supporting them towards their choice of a study programme or an educational project of any kind abroad. The Weg-Wijs team is completed by Veronique Jurgens and Karin de Regt who support Angela with her advisory activities, with the organisation and back-office.

oranje Excellent reputation

Weg-Wijs has an extensive network of relations with educational institutes both in The Netherlands and abroad. We have an excellent reputation amongst Dutch schools and students. This gives us the opportunity to recruit Dutch students who are interested in going to educational institutes all over the world. Our experience with and knowledge of international educational institutes facilitates a wide range of possibilities for Dutch students who intend to go abroad for a short or long-term course and gives us the ability to “find the right match”. These possibilities may vary from a short to a long-term course, a Foundation Year, IB-Studies, Language courses, Art courses, Filmstudies, Fashion Courses, Business Studies, Acting Courses or volunteer projects in various parts of the world.

We pride ourselves in maintaining an excellent contact with our related institutes and organizations abroad, to offer the best possible service to our young clients and their parents in their search for quality and reliability.